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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
I'm not blogging here anymore. Havent posted a thing for years, still feedburner shows 7 regular subscribers. Wonder who they are....

I've started a new web comic:
Fly You Fools - An Indian web comic about life and it's irritations.

You can subscribe to the feed at:

See you there....

Fly You Fools - An Indian Webcomic about life and it's Irritations
Fly You Fools - An Indian Webcomic about Life.

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iPhone Spoof

Saturday, January 20, 2007

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In Hyderabad...

Monday, January 15, 2007
In Hyderabad, you dont fuck with the chickens...

from hpk

from gaurang

... the chickens fuck with you.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Innovation is the e-

Fakest shit ever

The old radio show calling cheating husband/boyfreind trick, this time with fake Indian accents.


"Wife" talks with a born-in-US accent and "husband" talks with a white-dude-imitating-Indians accent.

Husband's name is Raj but wifey calls him as Raj(sh) <- same pronunciation they apply to Taj Mahal's J part, which is impossible to write.

How hard is it to find fake Indian names??? It's always Raj isnt it... Wife's name is Jasmine!! What is this Alladin? Fuck it, but in 27 years of living in India, I aint never met any girl name JA(Z)MIN.

Why Macs suck

Friday, October 27, 2006

Most excellent video about Macs and their suckiness.

Author of Dilbert

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scott Adams lost his voice to somthing called Spasmodic Dysphonia, and manages to rewire his brain.

His blog post.


Shawshank Redeption Rap

Monday, October 23, 2006


Steve the man..

Sunday, October 22, 2006
What sound does your wallet make when you are duped, invest in a Mac?

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No time for nuts

Saturday, October 21, 2006
The Ice Age squirril (or whatever it is) returns and does some time travelling..

Scrat - No time for nuts
Uploaded by Juraya

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It starts early....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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Forces of Evil

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Original photo by Gaurang on Flickr.

You've got comments!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google seems to have bought youtube for 1.6 billion dollars... so from now on we'll see Google ads on youtube pages, which isnt too bad since we were seeing Google ads on youtube for the last couple of months anyway.

1.6 billon dollars!! Goddam!! Back in the dark ages, Microsoft used to buy out companies which made cool OR competitive products (a very strict OR application here), now it's like if it's cool, Google will buy it, unless Yahoo buys it first, think Flickr (they were talking with Google too back then... MS also). So instead of buying youtube Microsoft actually made their own video sharing site, I think it's called SoapBox. Like MSN Spaces, it too is probably used by full time employees only.

So anyway, youtube is now GooTube, YAAY!

This is not about the buyout though, it's about the sheer amount of user submitted content on individual -popular- content. The whole point of sharing a video/photo/blog post is to get views, comments and feedback. That may well be the whole point of all these Web 2.0/Social/Rounded rectangle sites. To share: Give and Take.

Danah Boyd says:
On MySpace, comments provide a channel for feedback and not surprisingly, teens relish comments. Of course, getting a comment is not such a haphazard affair. Friends are _expected_ to comment as a sign of their affection.

Furthermore, a comment to a friend's profile or photo is intended to be reciprocated. It is also not uncommon to hear teens request comments from each other in other social settings or on the bulletin boards. In MySpace, comments are a form of cultural currency.

boyd, danah. 2006. "Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace." American Association for the Advancement of Science, St. Louis, MO. February 19. [Link]

Think comments on blogs, scrapping on orkut. And forget Teens! Everyone likes comments. We pimp and hawk our content for more views, more comments, more favs, more linkbacks... more popularity. These are the popularity currency of the second version of the Web.

That's right we DO pimp our content. "Hi, NICE blog post, I feel the same way about it, please check out my totally cool blog post about it, over here" "Hey y'all! Check out my new photos from the superbly awesome road trip over here, here and here."

We're looking for more views. More comments. And we're hoping other people would be going so crazy about our content they'll mail all their freinds about it, and we'll get more views. More comments.

All this is fairly obvious.. the only problem being most popular sites dont seem to have a mechanism of handling this feedback very effectivly. The Digital Inspiration Blog says the most popular YouTube video is this: Evolution of Dance.

It's been viewed about 33.7 million times. It's been faved by 85,000 people and there are 10,642 comments on it. Views and Favs can be handeled. It tells you this be popular. Very Popular. But how do you handle 10,000+ comments?? For that matter how do you handle 50 comments?

Earlier avtars of youtube used to show all comments in the same page as the video. As more and more people signed in and started commenting, later versions showed a few, and you could view all after clicking on an ajax powered link. Now they've just put in a separate page for ALL comments. Gets ridiculous though... >20 comments dont make sense at all. I just pulled the number out of the air.. it could even be less.

And most of the comments are same - "Cool stuff dude!", "Really nice video", "OMFG! I wish I could do that" etc etc. A large percentage would be spam "Check out this totally cool site", "Make money sitting on your ass at home and answering surveys!! I got 1,000 dollahs last week!! This is not fake!!" And the rest are racist comments "Only you fat american bastards would spend so much time on this crappy video! America sucks ass!!" etc etc..

And what's with the racism on the internet??? Is it that the new internet is putting content generated by the common man available to the comman man across the globe? Is that it? Is it the fact that after looking at USA through the telly, and all those beutifull people on the telly, the fact that every american on youtube/flickr seems to be way too fat is too much of a shock to non Americans?? What's with the anti American comments on youtube?

For that matter, what's with the anti Indian comments? I mean... they've been seeing a distorted view of India on TV since forever... and on the internet the most popular India related videos are just reinforcing the same thing. Bollywood spoofs, 70's C grade telugu movies, Dr Rajkumar singing a fucked up song in English... Terrible, terrible stuff that will kill even a pure bred Indian raised on a healthy diet of bollywood trash.

A recently popular India related video on the internet was some old south Indian movie (I'm assuming it's C grade or worse) song which is a copy of Micheal Jackson's thriller. Of course, the total movie budget was 1/10th the price of Micheal's latest nose job, so the costumes and makeup are horrendous. So is the music. So is the dance. Everything is terrible. It's something you watch and die laughing or of shame (whichever is first).

But this was too much of a India-Racist-Comment bait. Here's some comments..
  • Can u fuckers be more ignorant?
  • faggots, please nuke India
  • Indians are officially the funniest people on the face of the planet. THe only thing that makes it funnier is that they all think they are awesome actors and dancers and take themselves soo seriously.
  • who the heck would pay to produce this thing? It totally made my top 10 most wierdest internet videos. Kalimar, mar, mar, mar, mar. Hehe, crazy indians with their curry and stuff.
  • JESUS VISHNU!! Go eat a cow dipped in rat sauce you fukin dotheads LOL!!!!
  • WTF These are the same people who answer you tech questions when your computer crashes
What's with the hatred dudes?? These arent the same people who answer the tech questions when your computer crashes... these are cheap ass actors (or at least NOW famous actors from their starting days) doing a cheap ass movie shown to a public that couldnt care less if the original song was thriller or if the zombie makeup is good quality or not. The tech question people are regular educated young people and they dont go dancing like crazy, taking themselves all serious and shit. Though they might be >>EATING<< curry, they might even be eating cows.. but not in rat sauce. [Here's the link to the video on]

Coming back to the comments overload problem. Popular content does not just have comments... it becomes a discussion forum. Positive comments get mixed up with racist talk, positive criticism gets mixed up with viagra peddlers. Someone needs to fix this thing.

Websites, can we have something like a classification system? Sounds lame I know... a viagra pimp wont file his comments under MISC/Spam, but maybe some type of basic classification. Some better content management.... threads? Please can we have threads?? Someone replying to a comment from 10 scrolls up doesnt make any sense. Tagging anyone? That's so early 2006ish, but still...

And please please please.... No generic drupal interface. Free is the new ugly.

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The Classics !!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Some of the worst movies one can watch are in the imdb top 250. Here's a few I have suffered:

5. Casablanca

Was this the most cliched movie ever, or did the cliches evolve from this movie's popularity. Doesn't matter now. It's an hour of over acting and cliched misery.

12. One who flew over the cuckoo's nest

This movie could well be the prequel to The Shining. Jack N is not crazy but happens to be in a lunatic asylum and gets some women and booze in for the other inmates... one of which kills himself. Yawn.

19. Dr Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Long title for the movie which is supposed to be the funniest movie of all times (By Americans). It's not funny. Peter Sellers is overextending himself by playing three roles.. and the sentence "Gentlemen you cant fight in here, this is the war room" is humorous, but NOT good enough to make it the funniest movie ever. And I know critics would be shaking their heads right now and saying I missed the subtleties of the cold war humor and multi layered sarcasm etc etc. Fuck all that, if I am not laughing during/after the movie then it aint funny.

21. Citizen Kane

It's at 21 here, but supposedly this is the best movie EVER. PERIOD. I'd say its the worst example of American propaganda. EVER. PERIOD. Citizen Kane is the worst movie! The soviets and Chinese used to have propaganda movies of soldiers and the youth of the country marching etc etc but Americans produce one-man's-struggle-against-the-rest-fucked-up-sagas. This is right up there with Atlas Shrugged, another piece of literature I hate.

64. The Shining

It's not a bad movie. Just that the novel was actually scary. Still I wouldn't say it's bad, just that it aint AS good.

103. Donnie Darko

Damn it's a dark movie. Weird, depressing dark.

108. The Great Dictator

Is it just me or do others also find Charlie Chaplin unfunny. Ok ok fine, look he's dressed as Hitler and playing football with a globe, yes yes very nice metaphor.....

127. Monty Python: Life of Brian

Supposedly the funniest movie ever made (according to the English). The monty python series were brilliant, genius and totally absurdly funny. Their movies are totally unfunny and just sad to watch all that talent being wasted.

And the good movies:

1. Godfather
An excellent movie. A more than excellent movie. I wouldn't say the best movie ever, but the most PERFECT MOVIE. That's different from the best.... it's just perfect.
(5 stars)

2. Shawshank Redemption

Not a bad movie, again the novel was better and if you have read the novel than that kills the suspense anyway. But still the movie manages to be interesting, even if you know the story. That's why its a good movie.
(3 and 1/2 stars)

3. Godfather 2

Umm.... it's also good. At least since the third part sucked so much.
(2 stars)

4. Lord of the Rings - Return of the King

All three LOTR were kick ass and can be watched over and over again. And I would've been watching them over and over again, but one mean bastard took my Director's Extended Edition 9 DVD set and hasn't returned yet.
(5 stars)

6. Schindler's List

Good movie... although Holocaust themes have started to be overused by now. But the way the movie is shot is brilliant. And it's black and white.
(4 stars)

9. Pulp Fiction

If Godfather is the perfect movie, the pulp fiction is the PERFECT WIERD MOVIE. It's been called the best movie ever too. Probably NOT by the same group who called Citizen Kane the best movie. This is a great movie.
(5 stars)

14. Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring

Same as 4.
(4 Stars)

Other great movies below 15:

17 The Usual Suspects ***
18 Cidade de Deus (City of Gods) ****
32 Fight Club *****

37 Apocalypse Now *****
45 American History X *****
63 Reservoir Dogs ****
65 Saving Private Ryan ****
66 Sin City *****
93 Kill Bill Vol 1 *****
100 Full Metal Jackets ****
105 Crash ****
106 Fargo ***
113 Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) - Anime ***
178 Trainspotting ****
193 The Big Lebowski *****
228 Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels ****

So, do people actually like watching movies like Citizen Kane, The Fountainhead and Three Colors ???? Or is it just cinematic snobbery to appear elite?

Feed update

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just a note: If you're subscribed, please make sure the feed is coming from Feedburner.. Few reasons... Blogger's atom feed doesnt seem to be coping too well with Windows Live Writer and all these photos come scattered all over the place.

And the second, more important reason: Feedburner's got some feed stats. It massages my vast ego to see that my subcription is into double figures now. It's only a matter of time now that I bring in the Google ads and then it's Goodbye 9-to-5 naukri.

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